Three tools to help preschool directors run their school more smoothly

As preschool directors, we’re always looking for the best tools to help with childrens’ learning and development. And just like you would for students, you should always be seeking out resources to help you improve your school’s performance.

Our founder spent nearly 30 years running centers before launching LifeCubby, so we understand a thing or two about successfully running a school.

While there are a number of available resources that will help you better manage your center, these three must-haves should be at the top of your list.

How to Run School Smoothly Tool 1: A better way to communicate

Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of operating a successful center. It’s the foundation for creating strong engagement between parents and teachers, which is instrumental in providing the best care for students.

However, it can be difficult to maintain consistent communication given the sheer number of interactions and volume of information that needs to be shared during a given week. And as we all continue navigating uncertain times, it’s important to be able to quickly and efficiently communicate with parents about changes, such as drop-off or pickup procedures, preventative health measures and closures. This is especially important to ensure the information being shared is consistent and that conflicting info isn’t being circulated.

That’s why it’s helpful to have one tool to manage every aspect of communication, whether it’s between administrators and staff or staff and parents.

LifeCubby’s software offers a multitude of benefits to help make communicating easier.  First, the live in-app messaging allows teachers and staff to quickly and easily correspond with families individually. Second, it offers the ability to distribute digital classroom or center-wide newsletterswhere you can share resources and classroom activities on a class-wide basis. Finally, it helps everyone keep track of upcoming events with its interactive calendar.

In addition to center-to-parent communication, LifeCubby’s software also features inter-center communication tools to keep your teachers and staff informed.

How to Run School Smoothly Tool 2: A better way to track and facilitate student progress

Monitoring and being able to assess a student’s progress is vital for setting up a child for success.

LifeCubby makes it easy to track a child’s growth through its proprietary Vine Assessments, which are aligned with all 50 states’ early learning content standards. Teachers are able to conveniently post evidence of skill mastery from the app, and parents can access these observations in real-time and also see them on the published assessment when completed in their Family App. LifeCubby’s app also lets teachers and parents visually track growth through reports and easy-to-understand graphs.

In addition to tracking progress, LifeCubby’s software has a fully customizable lesson planning feature, as well as an integration with FrogStreet. And LifeCubby can help navigate the challenges of distance learning so many of us are currently facing, with lesson plans that can be easily customized to meet each students’ individual needs.

How to Run School Smoothly Tool 3: A Better Billing Experience

Billing conversations are always difficult.

No one likes to discuss this topic, and it’s a surefire way to lessen or damage parents’ overall perception of your school if there are ever any snags.

Implementing a tuition processing system can eliminate a lot of headaches. You’ll prevent awkward conversations, and save time chasing payments and resolving potential problems or billing errors.

LifeCubby’s automatic billing and tuition processing offers a number of features. With our tuition log, parents have 24/7 access to their payment history and can easily review charges. Additionally, our software saves time with easy access to tuition-related documents such as tax statements for parents, and center billing reports.

By automating your tuition processing, you’ll give parents payment predictability and it will free you up to focus on your staff and students.

Whether your center has 15 students or 215, LifeCubby provides you with all these tools and more so you can seamlessly manage your center.

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