Stay connected with LifeCubby's teacher communication app

Use LifeCubby’s family app to easily communicate and collaborate with your child’s teacher.

LifeCubby is a top-rated childcare management software.


Parents who use our family app enjoy:

  • Staying up-to-date on events. The app features an interactive calendar.
  • Payment predictability. You can see your balance due and look at your last 30 days of payments and fees, all within the app!
  • In-depth daily reports. Easily see updates on naps, meals and more.

Parents also enjoy:

  • Photos and videos of your child. For extra security, you can only see photos that your child was tagged in.
  • Quickly making contact. LifeCubby’s family app features in-app messaging.
  • Having lesson plans, menus, newsletters and other documents at their fingertips.
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What our customers are saying!

"My overall experience with this company has been AMAZING.  The teacher is able to post and reply back to me in a timely manner!  This app is amazing and I highly recommend it!"

Clarissa | Parent

“What I love about LifeCubby is that I can stay in contact with my kid's teachers, check in on her in the middle of the day by sending a message, and I have a central location that houses all of her milestone assessments. It makes my day whenever a picture is posted and at the end of the day, I love to talk to her about the things I see listed in there that she ate/learned/did while at school.”

Ashlee D. | Parent