How to Make Parents Feel More Comfortable on the First Day of Preschool

First day drop-offs are never easy — especially for parents. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 63% of moms feel the first day of preschool is harder for them than their kids.

Thankfully, the team behind LifeCubby’s childcare management software is full of former early childhood educators who have firsthand experience making this tough transition a smooth one for everyone involved.

To help ensure your school year gets off to a great (and less nerve-wracking) start, here are some of the LifeCubby team’s parent tips for first day of preschool:

Host an open-house for preschool parents

Invite parents to tour the center and classroom before the first day; this will help them get a feel for the grounds and lower their anxiety. Create a presentation with your plans for the year and show them where their little one will be sitting. Be sure to have some activities on-hand for any soon-to-be students who might tag along. An open house for preschool parents will help calm their jitters and introduce both them and their preschoolers to the new environment.

Get personal

Other great parent tips for first day of preschool that will help families feel welcomed and appreciated, include having a personalized note and/or small gift waiting for each of your students when they arrive. This is a great way to kickstart your relationship with families and show that you’re excited to have their kids in your classroom. It will also help put parents’ minds at ease knowing their child will be cared for while they’re gone. Not sure where to begin with your welcome letter? Here are some great templates from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Provide ideas for goodbye rituals

Encourage parents to practice a positive departure on the first day. Tell them to prepare a short farewell routine with a hug or handshake followed by a fun phrase like “See you later, alligator!” These types of parent tips for first day of preschool are great because by doing this, parents and their little ones won’t feel as bad about separating from each other.

Send photos throughout the day

It’s tough for parents to think about missing their child’s milestones and special moments while they’re at preschool. With LifeCubby’s Classroom App, teachers can send parents pictures and videos in real-time. Not only will parents feel like they’re a part of their kid’s day, but they will appreciate you for taking the time to share those memories.

Want to learn more about how LifeCubby can make your first day a breeze? Click here to schedule a free demo today!