Direct a successful center more easily with LifeCubby's childcare management software

  • Tuition tracking and processing with industry low rates!
  • Administrative dashboard to manage your center from one place.
  • 50+ easy-to-pull reports.

Give yourself, staff and families the tools needed to positively impact the lives of your students.

LifeCubby's childcare management software makes it super simple for directors to increase profit, teacher and parent happiness, and center efficiency.

Imagine a robust, powerful software solution that gives you one-stop-shopping for the management of your roster, daily documentation, attendance, assessments, and tuition tracking. LifeCubby’s Directors Dashboard keeps administrators up-to-date on attendance, messaging, and much more. 

Your childcare software shouldn’t have to come with a manual.

That’s why we’ve created one so simple that even the least tech-savvy members of your team can navigate it with ease. In fact, when asked why our users choose LifeCubby over the competition, ease-of-use is the second most common response. Unlike the competition, LifeCubby was created by an actual center owner with fellow owners like you in mind. What’s that mean for you? An innovative childcare management software that’s ridiculously user-friendly.

As a director, you’ll enjoy:

The easiest tuition processing

  • Oversee payments and tuition logs with a simple click.
  • Tuition tracking for parents in our family app.
  • Accept tuition payments at an industry-low processing fee.

The most connected and engaged center

  • View observation logs and behavior reports by classroom.
  • Track classrooms and students with progress-over-time reports.
  • Send center-wide SMS communications.
  • Receive classroom ratio alerts for staffing.

Easily celebrate the little moments

  • Birthday alerts that show you center-wide birthdays each week.
  • ‘Great Job’ alerts that help you keep track of which students are excelling.
  • In-app messaging with staff that lets you easily give kudos to high-performing teachers throughout the day.
  • Morning in-take questions that allow you to quickly see what’s going on in each classroom.

Why LifeCubby?

Because LifeCubby saves you time, and increases profitability!


The happiest families

  • Automatically send daily sheets to parents at check-out.
  • Share photos and videos with them in real-time.
  • Send classroom newsletters.
  • Invite them to stay informed through interactive event calendars.

The best-managed center

  • Easily manage attendance with child check-in and check-out.
  • Pull 50+ reports, from forecasting to staffing to income.
  • Equip teachers for success with lesson planning tools and LifeCubby’s proprietary student assessments.
  • Generate CACFP Meal Count reports by week or for custom date ranges.
  • Rest assured knowing your data is secure!

Why are directors most satisfied with LifeCubby?

  • Innovative, cutting-edge features.
  • The simplest software to use.
  • Created by a center owner.
  • Accessible from any device via web and/or app.
  • Easy management from one administrative dashboard.

Choose LifeCubby, and give your center a competitive advantage while saving money, increasing revenue and optimizing processes like documentation and parent communication.


All so your staff can focus
on what matters most:


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What our customers are saying!

“[What] I like most about LifeCubby is its functionality and ease of use. It is a lifesaver on time and definitely great on reducing paperwork.”

Leona T. | Center Administrator

LifeCubby makes it easy to check in/out the children who attend [our] childcare program. Sending out mass emails and individual messages to parents is super easy and convenient!”

Gloria S. | Assistant Director