10 Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

It’s time to dig out your sunglasses and swimsuits, because summer is finally here! Your kiddos are ready to soak up the sun, and they’re counting on you and your center staff to help make it a summer to remember with a variety of outside activities for preschoolers.

To ensure you have the perfect out-of-classroom adventures this summer, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite outdoor activities for preschoolers:

  • Nature painting: Try incorporating some nature activities for preschoolers into your activities list. Make your next nature walk last longer with this arts and crafts activity from Toddler at Play. Not only will your students love getting to collect and decorate leaves, but it’s also a great opportunity to talk with students about colors and nature.
  • Alphabet matching: Help your students master letters with this “fishing” and matching activity. They’ll enjoy getting to use a net to fish for foam letters and they’ll get to put their ABC’s knowledge to the test by matching them to corresponding chalk letters written on the sidewalk. Reviewing the alphabet is o-fish-ially fun with these outdoor activities for preschoolers! 
  • Sight word play: This spelling activity really “rocks!” Show your students sight cards with recently introduced vocab words and have them spell out the term using painted rocks. For an added bonus, involve the class in pre-activity prep including outside activities for preschoolers such as rock hunting and letter painting.
  • Slider counting: Counting doesn’t have to be boring, thanks to this dowel and noodle activity from I Can Teach My Child. Using a dowel rod, pool noodles and rope, create a life-sized abacus that will get your students moving, grooving and counting. Pair it with a counting-themed nursery rhyme or story for an added layer of fun.
  • Shadow drawing: Use the summer sun for a lesson on shadows by asking your kids to trace toys on the ground with this chalk activity. Ensure you’ve got plenty of different shaped and sized toys, so kids can try their hand at them all. You can even give out awards based on the best and/or most creative tracings!
  • Animal movement game: Roll the die, and have your preschoolers act out the animal on the top face of the cube created from this printable. Teach your students the sounds and movements each one makes and have them imitate it to improve their motor skills (while having a roaring good time) with these outdoor activities for preschoolers.  
  • Sponge toss: Toss around a little heat relief using sponges and giant water buckets with this summer activity! Not only will it get everyone cooled off, but it’s a perfect way to help build hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills. 
  • Stick mazes: Let your students create their own stick mazes with this a-maze-ing activity. Your little ones will have a blast showing off their creative skills — and they’ll get to see what goes into bringing an idea to life.  
  • Flower petal suncatcher: Other great nature activities for preschoolers include catching the sunlight with this activity which involves your kids creating custom suncatchers from found nature items. These can also serve as a great take-home gift for parents, or as one-of-a-kind decorations for the classroom. 
  • Hula Hoop hopping: Get your students hopping around with this “hip” hula hoop obstacle course. You’ll be able to teach specific motor functions by calling out different challenges for your students to follow (like hopping between hoops on one leg or bunny hopping on all fours). 

No matter how you’re spending your outdoor time this summer, be sure to keep parents in the loop by sending constant video and picture updates of the memories being made through these outdoor activities for preschoolers. 

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