The easiest way to run your childcare center,

to help you focus on what matters most:

The easiest way to run your childcare center, to help you focus on what matters most:



Designed for center owners, by a center owner.

We designed LifeCubby to be an efficient, all-in-one solution to make life simpler for everyone: center directors, teachers and families. We know first-hand how to run a successful center, and we have a pulse on your ever-evolving needs. We’re constantly innovating to make your life easier.


A suite of innovative features you won’t find anywhere else.

Improve Parent Engagement

Share photos and videos, interactive calendars, observation logs, direct messaging, billing, tuition history and more with parents.

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Simplify Life for Teachers

Easily track meals, diaper changes, nap times, check-ins/check-outs and seamlessly share daily reports with parents. Plus, you can customize the lesson planning tool to match your curriculum, record observations and track progress-and more.

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Increase Profit, Enrollment and Service Quality.

Operate a more successful business with automated tuition billing and 50+ reports, including staffing, income, forecasting and more.

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Why LifeCubby?

Because LifeCubby saves you time, and increases profitability!

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Highest Satisfaction

  • 92% of users would recommend LifeCubby to others.
  • LifeCubby is the most user-friendly childcare management software.
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Built by Childcare Pros and Tech Stars

  • Created for center owners, by a childcare center owner.
  • Team keeps a first-hand pulse on your ever evolving needs.
  • Talented tech team constantly innovating to make your life easier.
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A Unique Suite of Features You Will Actually Use

  • Family App, Classroom App, Center Dashboard.
  • Proprietary Vine Assessments to track student progress.
  • 50+ reports to make center directors’ lives easier.
  • Automated billing, tuition tracking and more.

Ready to Simplify
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What our customers are saying!

"We love LifeCubby. We love their assessment tool and how easy it is for the teachers to use the classroom app. Using LifeCubby makes the daily reporting much easier!"

Rachel | Owner

"We love LifeCubby, the parents love LifeCubby. It's a great system to keep everyone updated and quickly be able to communicate with each other!"

Tina | Director of Child Care Services